Urovant Sciences, Inc.

5281 California Ave, Suite #100
Irvine, CA 92617 United States

Urovant Sciences GmbH

Grosspeter Tower
Grosspeteranlage 29
Basel 4052 Switzerland
Suites 2006-2010

For general inquiries: contactus@urovant.com
For medical inquiries: medinfo@urovant.com

Help Line
1-833-UROVANT (876-8268)

At Urovant Sciences we are committed to high standards of product safety, efficacy and regulatory compliance, including post-market requirements for reporting adverse events, product complaints and other reportable events.

Adverse Events
An adverse event or adverse drug experience is an unexpected medical problem that occurs during treatment with a drug or other therapy in a patient, whether or not it is considered to be related to use of the therapy.
Product Complaints
A product complaint is any perceived product defect. A product complaint may include information relating to product deficiencies (identity, quality, strength, or durability), including the drug product itself and/or all components distributed with the product, such as packaging, container-closure systems, delivery systems, labelling, and package inserts.